Dear to whomever it may concern,

I know that there are to sides, those who love Twenty One Pilots and those who don’t. There are those who simply don’t care. But that’s different and doesn’t apply to them (sorry non-fans).

This fan base is unique. I know they are not “punk” because that would be disgraceful to the great music gods: Fall Out Boy, Panic At the Disco, and My Chemical Romance (all of whos fan dedicate their lives and some alive only because of them)…but the Twenty One Pilots family, it is special. The lyrics have such deep meaning. We don’t listen to it because the tune is catchy or we like the sound, that’s just a bonus. We listen because we relate. Kids don’t know how to express themselves or escape from their mind and their own terrible thought. Tyler Joseph does that for us. Now yes, the lyrics may sound stupid to those who don’t listen. There is a difference between hearing and listening. It is more than just sound and words. If you look around…you will see a room full of broken kids who are trying to become healed and put back together. It’s not like it is their fault they feel that way. It is the world around them. Their minds are shut in the dark and they blame themselves for ever bad thing. “Nothing kills man faster than his own head”. With that kind of mindset, you feel so alone. Listening to those words and relating to them makes you feel like it’s not just  you. Then you realize that there is a whole fan base, a whole community that understand you and what you are going through. The light has been show and that band….that’s what got you through it.

So please, the next time you want to say “that’s a stupid song” or put stereo types on something, take a closer look and listen.




Same Love


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Our generation is amazing. We have come so far in every aspect of life. I’m so happy to be alive during this time of extreme freedom and no fear. I mean, a world full of free love is something that people couldn’t even imagine 40 years ago. Our technological advancements are just mind blowing. Our society is much more accepting of all walks of life.

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Recently, I have gotten  a huge interest in art. I have always loved it and I have been drawing since I was really little. But now I have gotten into videos and watching other people create drawings and spray paint and paintings. And there is this one specific YouTuber who I love. His name is Jonathan Harris. Continue reading

The Power of Student-Centered Learning


In schools, many teachers try to incorporate student-centered learning in all of their classrooms, but some are more effective than others. Schools attempt this because it requires student participation in a healthier and sometimes more fun way. Or they might try to do something different one day out of the week or free response questions as a class activity. Continue reading

Money = Happiness & Love?

The world we know is completely revolved around money, we all know that. For example, in the movie Fresh, everything we eat and is revolved around how people buy the cheapest food, despite the consequences. Especially in the animal and plant products, the cheapest products are fed with GMOs and the animals are living in terrible conditions. We are fully aware it is unhealthy, we just refuse to believe what we are told and move on with our lives because we are obsessed with efficiency. But for the organic products, the cost is twice as much but it is far better for your body and consists of all the daily nutrients our bodies need. By the end of the day, humans either want everything really cheap or really expensive. Either way, we are pretty much happy. Continue reading

What Is vs What Isn’t

“Enjoy what is and not pine for what is not” – WEB Boise

What WEB Boise means by this is: there are two worlds. The one we know in the exact moment of our presence, the one that is based off of our decisions and what we can or cannot do. Also known as, what I like to call, the “What is” world. And then other world, which is everything we could have or should have done while given the chance. It can also be considered the “What if” world. He is saying to enjoy what we have now. You cannot change the past so do not let it rule over you. And do not think about what you do not have. Control the things you can change and ignore those you can’t. Continue reading


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Living in the Cult of Likability” by Bret Ellis is eye opening. He tells the truth about society and how we are supposed to act. On social media, what is accepted and if you act any other way , you are banished and hated. It is like we can’t have an opinion on anything. We have to be like everyone else. We are like everyone else. We have to be like robots. If you do not like something, you can’t say it because you are then a “hater”. And like he said, who wants to be a hater? Continue reading